Evelyn Sinclair


Owner of Bar Belle Fitness Academy and Fit with Eve Personal Training

Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Health Coach

Specializes in Women's Fitness Training and Sport Medicine

10+ years of Education and Experience with over 500 clients

Am I the right trainer for you?

Women are strong physically, mentally, and emotionally, but many of us do not recognize that about ourselves. Eve is here to help you wake the inner strength you already posses and take it to its utmost potential. 

Eve's main purpose is to help clients realize that they ARE STRONG in every sense of the word and to find the confidence that we all seek.  

Our studio is fully equipped commercial gym but with complete privacy and comfort. No matter your age, size, fitness level/capacity and women of all walks of life are welcome! 

"Why did I become a personal trainer? After suffering through many miscarriages, I felt depressed and lost all of my self confidence. It was a terrible time. I think this is a feeling, regardless of the cause, that most women can related to at some point in their lives. Exercise helped me regain my love and confidence for my body that I had lost. My hopes is help my clients do the same." 

Our trainer will listen to you and make sure your individual needs are met, even in a group setting. Evelyn will push, motivate, and support you to elevate your fitness routine and exceed your personal expectations.